G-56 Transmission Fluid

The G56 Transmission has only two specified fluids in the US.

1). The first specified fluid for the G56 in the Dodge Ram and Ram trucks is specified by Chrysler/Dodge/Ram. This fluid is ATF+4Dodge specifies only 5 quarts of ATF+4 in the transmission, not 6 quarts as many say. Chrysler/Dodge/Ram also is the warranty provider for this manual transmission. Using any other transmission fluid or more than is specified is not recommended. 

2). The second specified fluid per Mercedes Benz (MB) Specification is MobilTrans SHC DC. It is available product. Mercedes Benz does not warranty your manual transmission - Chrysler/Dodge/Ram does. The MobilTrans SHC DC meets MB Spec https://bevo.mercedes-benz.com/bevolisten/235.13_en.html. The specification is cited on the products labeling (on the MobilTrans SHC DC label) and is the only product currently sold in the US that carries this rating. 

Delvac 50 is not a substitute for the MobilTrans SHC DC as per my conversations with ExxonMobil engineering technical support. It does not meet the MB specification, nor does it say anywhere on the product packaging that it does, nor does ExxonMobil say or imply that it meets MB specification per my conversations with their engineering technical support. 

"But this is your truck and your bill if it breaks. Use the information here and draw your own conclusion. As for me, the only fluid going in my manual transmission from this point forward is MobilTrans SHC DC. "

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